Press Release December 9, 2008    

Top Scientists Ask Journal Science
To Retract Original AIDS Papers

SAN FRANCISCO (Rethinking AIDS) Dec. 9, 2008—The international nonprofit scientific organization Rethinking AIDS gave its full support today to 37 senior researchers, medical doctors and legal professionals who are requesting that the medical journal Science withdraw four seminal papers on HIV authored by Dr. Robert Gallo—papers widely touted as proof that HIV is the "probable cause of AIDS." An online posting of the letter can be found here.



Press Notification
June 27, 2008

WHO Says That Only Africa Has a Heterosexual AIDS Epidemic — Why?

SAN FRANCISCO (Rethinking AIDS) June 27, 2008 — According to a June 8, 2008, report in The Independent, Dr. Kevin De Cock, the head of AIDS efforts at the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the threat of a heterosexual AIDS pandemic is officially over and that decades of predictions that AIDS would spread through general populations across the globe were wrong . . . except in Sub-Saharan Africa.



UPDATE, June 6, 2008: Dr. Duesberg and Ms. Farber did indeed receive the “Clean Hands” Awards at a ceremony Wednesday, May 14, 2008, in Washington, D.C. — contrary to rumors that they did not. The ceremony was attended by the Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, retired member of Congress and former associate of Martin Luther King Jr., as well as several other members of Congress and their representatives.





SAN FRANCISCO (Rethinking AIDS) April 29, 2008 — At a press conference at the National Press Club yesterday, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor and friend of presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, promoted a conspiratorial view of HIV and AIDS among minorities. To correct the misrepresentation of science on this crucial issue, Rethinking AIDS is making its scientific experts available for interviews.



Press Release
April 22, 2008

April 23 Is 'Rethinking AIDS Day';
International Scientists' Group Calls for New Thinking

On Anniversary of HIV 'Discovery'


SAN FRANCISCO (Rethinking AIDS) April 22, 2008 — Rethinking AIDS, an international group of more than 2,500 scientists, doctors, journalists, health advocates and others, has established April 23, 2008, as the first Rethinking AIDS Day.



Press Release
December 12, 2007

Verdict Of $2.5 Million Over False-Positive HIV Diagnosis
Brings up Basic Problems With AIDS Testing and Treatment, Say Scientists

CHICAGO, Dec. 12, 2007--A lawsuit decided today against the University of Massachusetts Medical Center over consequences of an allegedly false-positive HIV antibody test exposes basic problems with the test and treatments for all persons taking them, according to a high-ranking medical researcher who has advised the plaintiff’s lawyer on the case.  The verdict, issued today, awarded $2.5 million to the plaintiff.




April 4, 2007


Rethinking AIDS Objects to New Yorker Article
Misrepresenting Serious Concerns About HIV Drugs in South Africa

SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2007--Rethinking AIDS, an international organization of more than 2,300 scientists, medical doctors, journalists, health advocates and business professionals, said today that an article published in The New Yorker of March 12, 2007, distorted the views of scientists who raise critical questions about AIDS in South Africa, and misrepresented key facts about the South African government’s response to its health crisis.




Press Release

March 7, 2007


Rethinking AIDS Asks BBC to Reject Call to Censor

BBC Documentary About Forced Drug Experiments on Children


SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2007--Rethinking AIDS, a global organization of more than 2,300 scientists, medical doctors, journalists, health advocates, and business professionals, asked the BBC today to reject a call for censorship of the 2004 documentary film Guinea Pig Kids. The film, coproduced with NDR, German public television, exposed drug experiments on poor, mostly Latino and African-American New York City children presumed to be HIV positive, conducted at Incarnation Children's Center (ICC) in Manhattan.




Press Release
February 5, 2007

International Science Group Decries Death Sentence of Medical Workers in Libya,
Calls for Full Disclosure of Medical Treatment of Dying Children

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5, 2007--Rethinking AIDS, a global organization of more than 2,300 scientists, medical doctors, journalists, health advocates, and business professionals, called today for the creation of an international commission to investigate the recent trial and death sentences of five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor convicted of deliberately infecting children in Libya with HIV, the virus thought to cause AIDS. The sentences were pronounced on Dec. 19, 2006, after the defendants' second trial since 1999.



Press Release
19 Dec. 2006


New AIDS Study is Flawed and Biased
Scientists Say There's No Proof Taking AIDS Drugs is Better Than Taking Nothing


Responding to a study on AIDS drugs published in the Nov. 30, 2006 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), scientists from the non-profit public interest group Rethinking AIDS* (RA) state the trial's conclusions are flawed and that the idea that AIDS drug interruptions are dangerous is based on unproven assumptions. According to Dr. Etienne de Harven, a pioneer in virology research and electron microscopy and President of RA, “The NEJM study does not provide evidence that taking AIDS drugs is better than not taking them. Unfortunately, incorrect conclusions drawn by the study's authors, 14 of whom recieve some form of monetary compensation from manufacturers of AIDS drugs, have been repeated in the media and touted by a number of AIDS organizations.”