Rethinking AIDS Audio

January 8, 2016Elizabeth Ely, co-host of How Positive are You?, speaks with WBAI's Howard Jordan, revealing that "HIV tests" don't test directly for the virus.



October 6, 2013 — Professor Henry Bauer discusses his book, The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, with independant journalist Jason Erb.



August 26, 2013 — Peter Duesberg speaks with Jason Erb about the flaws in the mainstream theory of HIV/AIDS.



August 14, 2012 — Christl Meyer  talks about HIV testing and how it is unreliable and meaningless and that pregnant women and children, in some cases, are forced to take medication. HIV is part of the human genome, in chromosome #6.



August 14, 20012 — David Crowe explains how the scientific dogma surrounding AIDS, unproven as it is, is massive. He answers questions like why has the gay and black community experienced more immune compromised deaths from what we are being told is AIDS?


October 17, 2008 — Celia Farber  is interviewed by George Kenney.



July 20, 2008 — Dr.  Rodney Richards  is interviewed on WHCR, The Voice of Harlem, July 20, 2008 Leroy Baylor, of The Communicators, hosts a discussion of the inaccuracies of HIV tests.


June 23, 2008 — Celia Farber and Michael Geiger discuss the Semmelweis Society Clean Hands Award and Farber's Harper's Magazine article.


June 12, 2006Henry Bauer and Christine Maggiore dispel the myths of HIV and AIDS.


June 17, 2006 — Professor of African history Charles Geshekter and Christine Maggiore  discuss HIV tests and treatment, AIDS in Africa, and the remarkable declines in AIDS cases not reported in mainstream media.