About Rethinking AIDS

Rethinking AIDS (RA) is a voluntary, open-membership association of people who have signed the petition agreeing that “It is widely believed by the general public that a retrovirus called HIV causes the group diseases called AIDS. Many biochemical scientists now question this hypothesis. We propose that a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against this hypothesis be conducted by a suitable independent group. We further propose that critical epidemiological studies be devised and undertaken.” 

RA seeks to bring critical reappraisal to all the facts and generalizations that have been misinterpreted under HIV/AIDS theory and to make the media and the general public aware of the pressing need for such reappraisal, including the corrosive impact of this theory on scientific research and on the human and legal rights of people who test positive on an “HIV test.”

RA welcomes all who share this aim. In lieu of membership dues, members are urged to consider making a contribution in support of RA’s work (tax-deductible in the United States). A formal description of RA’s aims, organization and governance can be found in RA Bylaws.

HIV/AIDS theory has generated an enormous mass of technical publications and official reports, but research has failed to provide definitive answers to a host of questions, for instance:

  • By what mechanism is “HIV” supposed to destroy the immune system?
  • What exactly does a “positive HIV-test” mean? (This is really a whole set of questions, because there are a variety of different tests that do not all agree in any given case whether the result is “positive” or “negative” or “indeterminate”)
  • What was responsible for the illnesses misdiagnosed in the early 1980s as “AIDS”? (Again, there is unlikely to be a single answer)
  • What is the significance of the CD4 cell or “viral load” counts routinely used under HIV/AIDS theory as a measure or prognosis of illness?
  • To what extent have antiretroviral drugs induced iatrogenic harm including death?

On these and other matters, RA members hold a great range of views. RA takes no official position on such questions, seeking only to encourage critical appraisal and research aimed at bringing better understanding.

Some members believe that no such entity as “HIV” exists; others believe that it may exist but has never been proven to; others accept that HIV exists but that it is not harmful. Some who accept that HIV exists mean that there are exogenous virions capable of infecting cells; others believe that it exists only in the same sense as human endogenous retroviruses do, namely, potentially in the form of “pro-viruses” in what used to be called “junk” (non-gene) DNA.

Some members consider a positive “HIV” test to be completely meaningless. Others believe that under some circumstances it may indicate that there exists a health challenge whose diagnosis should be specifically sought.

Some members engage in open discussions on blogs, in e-mail lists, and elsewhere. Others interact more privately. Others again take on a largely observing role, offering moral or material support for RA’s activities. Please contact one of the board members if you would like to volunteer for RA and help raise awareness of the flaws in the HIV=AIDS dogma among scientists, doctors, politicians and the general public.

Recognizing this wide range of opinions on a variety of details, RA seeks to provide the opportunity for constructive, substantive actions and discussions without mandating any one particular answer to outstanding questions. Naturally members are free to express their personal opinions, but statements made under the auspices of RA can come only from the President or the Public Relations Task Force (see RA Bylaws).

Officers and Board members are listed at BOARD. A brief history of the organization is at RA History.